Photo by Noah Shatzer


The South Mountain Speakers Series is an annual lecture series hosted by the South Mountain Partnership and comprised of four to six lecture events scheduled throughout year. Each individual event highlights a specific topic or challenge, such that over the course of the year, the Series speaks to a diversity of topics central to the Partnership’s mission and goals, and provides a vehicle for educating the general public on relevant local issues. The Speakers Series, as a unifying institution, is designed to utilize these educational opportunities to engage the general public in on-going, informed dialogue about contemporary conservation challenges facing the South Mountain landscape.

The South Mountain Speakers Series is presented as a revival of the Michaux Lectures, a series of talks given by Joseph Rothrock to build a groundswell of public support for his work to preserve and restore Pennsylvania’s forested landscape. The late 19th century Michaux Lectures were an educational mission that catalyzed real change in Pennsylvania’s environmental history. As we face the challenges of the 21st century, the South Mountain Speakers Series is intended to encourage a new generation to find in the past a positive vision for the future of the South Mountain landscape.

By educating and engaging the public, it is our hope that the Speakers Series will play a critical role in creating a citizenry that values and supports the preservation of the rich natural, cultural, recreational and economic resources of the South Mountain landscapes.


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