Photo by Loy Elliott

Dr. Claire Jantz – University Lead

Dr. Jantz came to Shippensbsurg University’s Department of Geography-Earth Science in 2005, just after completing a PhD in Geography at the University of Maryland. Her research interests include ecological effects of land use change (and landscape change in general), land use change modeling, spatial analysis and GIS, and urban geography. Currently, she is the lead investigator for the Delaware River Basin Project and the Director of the Center for Land Use and Sustainability.

She is an active researcher, and her primary area of focus has been on the use of maps derived from remote sensing, GIS analysis, and urban modeling to track and forecast urban growth. Much of this work has a regional focus in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and the Delaware River Basin, which has given her the opportunity to collaborate with hydrologists, water resource scientists and managers who are involved in watershed planning and restoration efforts. She currently leads a project to develop a land use mapping and modeling system for the Delaware River Basin.

Recently she has expanded her research interests to Latin America, investigating nitrate mining in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile and Aymara village abandonment and wetland change in the Andes of northern Chile with Dr. Paul Marr. She has also collaborated with anthropologist Dr. Richard Jantz (father) on the ecogeography of Native Americans. Finally, as a hobbyist beekeeper, she participates in HoneyBeeNet, a NASA project that uses data about honeybee activity as an ecological indicator of climate change.

Learn more about Dr. Claire Jantz on her wordpress page.

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