Photo by Loy Elliott

Close-Out Documentation

Close-Out Documentation

Mini-Grant recipients are required to submit the following three (3) close-out documents. We will use these documents to celebrate and promote your successes! After successfully submitting the items, a formal letter acknowledging close-out of the Mini-Grant will be issued by the South Mountain Partnership to you.

  1. Project Close-Out Form Captures the financial details of the grant project. Note for processing the financial form: Total Cash Costs are comprised of (Professional Services + In-House Professional + Direct Cash Costs).

  2. Mini-Grant Accomplishment Report & Appendix This form helps us to better understand the challenges encountered by you, celebrate your successes, and better meet the need needs of Mini-Grant recipients. This must include documentation of how you fulfilled the Acknowledgement of Assistance in Article XVII of your grant contract.

  3. Success Story Use the text written for the South Mountain Mini-Grant Program Accomplishment Report to fill in the short Success Story template. Add photos and any other additional information needed.