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The Mini-Grant Program provides funding to support project-specific work of partners within the South Mountain landscape, with the intent of catalyzing on-the-ground projects that align with and further the priorities of the South Mountain Partnership.

The Mini-Grant Program is intended to:

  • Implement projects to protect and promote the Landscape Resources of the South Mountain region;
  • Integrate thinking and approaches across disciplines and geography;
  • Build and strengthen collaboration amongst partners across the South Mountain landscape.

The Mini-Grant Program emphasizes collaboration with the believe that such connections have the potential to outlast any specific project and continue to benefit the region into the future. In particular, we aspire to build collaboration across the priority Landscape Resources by targeting “nexus projects” – projects that positively impact multiple Landscape Resources; we see great value in addressing concerns and opportunities in an integrated fashion across the region.

The South Mountain Partnership looks to identify projects that strategically benefit the South Mountain region – be it by impacting the resources across the region or by creating an example or innovative approach for addressing challenges and/or opportunities, with lessons that can be diffused throughout the region.

The Mini-Grant Program is a competitive program, with grants being awarded through an application process each year. Funding to administer the program is provided to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy via DCNR’s Community Conservation Partnership Program and the Environmental Stewardship Fund.

The Program was launched in 2009. In the first five years of the Mini-Grant Program, the Partnership has awarded over $215,000 in grant funding across 35 projects. Partners have used these funds to leverage the investment of an additional $485,000 in matching funding.

Learn more about the Mini-Grant program through an interactive story map that the Center for Land Use and Sustainability at Shippensburg University created by clicking here.

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