Photo by Loy Elliott

Research Corps & Science Summit

The South Mountain Partnership will convene a focused conversation looking to link knowledge with action: the Science Forum will bring together researchers and conservation practitioners and land managers around an overarching goal of conserving and stewarding the ecological and natural systems of the South Mountain landscape. The full-day workshop, to be held in Spring 2015, is intended to:

  • Strengthen Channels of Communication – provide an opportunity for researchers to network amongst one another and with conservation practitioners and public land managers responsible for implementing management decisions;
  • Catalogue the South Mountain Knowledge-Base – develop a comprehensive understanding of the amount (and breadth) of research being conducted on the South Mountain landscape;
  • Connect Management Challenges and Research – enable big-picture perspective and potential coordination to inform the direction of research on the South Mountain landscape to address on-the-ground management challenges/decisions.

The hope is that the flow of information from researcher to practitioner will advance efforts to implement evidence-based management. Concomitantly, we hope that the information exchange from practitioner to researcher around data gaps and/or priorities will enable directed solutions-oriented science.