– Spring/Fall Partnership Meetings

Spring 2019 Partnership-Wide Meeting

Nearly 60 people from across the South Mountain region gathered at the Penn State Fruit Research and Extension Center in Biglerville on May 3 for the annual Spring Partnership Meeting. The purpose of this meeting (and the one in the fall) is to bring together all partners and interested parties to build relationships and collaborations.

This year’s spring meeting focused on local water quality and watershed health, which the Partnership will highlight through various events in the coming years.

Presentations from the event can be viewed here: 2019 Spring Meeting Presentations.

Attendees learned about county Watershed Implementation Plans (WIPs) from Jordan Baker at the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) and Kristen Hand at the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), as well as what Adams County’s plan looks like from Sherri Clayton-Williams in the county’s Office of Planning and Development.

Next came a presentation from Brenda Sieglitz, Director of the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership about the role of trees and riparian buffers in protecting water quality.

The day wrapped up with a presentation on the Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s new Wild East Initiative by Anne Baker, and announcements from attendees.


About the meeting: Twice annually (Spring and Fall), the Partnership holds a Partnership-wide meeting in which all partners and interested parties are invited to come together and build relationships and collaborations. These meetings are a chance to:

  • Connect or reconnect with the Partnership, learning more about the initiative and on-going projects;
  • Build and strengthen a network amongst organizations working throughout the region;
  • Spark conversation and collaboration across political and sectorial boundaries;
  • Help partners understand opportunities to engage in the on-going work of the Partnership;
    and allow partners to help define the direction of the Partnership.


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