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Annual “Power of the Partnership” Year End Celebration

The South Mountain Partnership hosts its Annual “Power of the Partnership” Celebration each January, with more than 100 people in attendance. At each event, partnership accomplishments from the past year are highlighted, the Mini-Grant Awards are presented, the Spirit of South Mountain awardee is unveiled, and planned work and events for the coming year are reviewed. The location of the Celebration rotates among the different counties in the South Mountain region.

For more about the Power of the Partnership Celebration:

Power of the Partnership Year-End Celebration


Bi-Annual Meetings

The South Mountain Partnership hosts two Partnership-wide working meetings annually. These meetings, typically held in the Spring and Fall, bring together the entire partner base and other interested individuals and are designed to give partners the opportunity to:

  • Hear updates from the Partnership on current programs and projects
  • Learn about opportunities to engage in and participate in Partnership programs;
  • Share their thoughts and perspectives on Partnership activities to ensure the collaborative process;
  • Learn about specific topics and/or opportunities;
  • And network with other partners from across the South Mountain landscape.


Water Workshops

The South Mountain Partnership network is coming together to host a series of water-related workshops for the annual South Mountain Speakers Series in late 2019 and 2020. The three Water Workshops are unique events that serve different audiences. The series is hosted in coordination with partners at Capital RC&D, the County Conservation Districts of Adams, Cumberland, and Franklin counties, the Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers (POWR), and the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (AllARM). More details are available here.

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