Common Goals & Regional Vision

Connecting portions of Adams, Cumberland, Franklin, and York counties and covering approximately half a million acres, the South Mountain landscape is one of Pennsylvania’s more unique regions. The region’s most prominent geographic feature is the forested uplands of the South Mountain ridgeline, but fertile agricultural valleys shape this landscape as well. In fact, no single element or feature defines this region of south-central Pennsylvania, but rather it’s the unique convergence of diverse natural and cultural elements that makes this landscape so special. See more about the uniqueness of the region here.

Here in south-central Pennsylvania, the South Mountain landscape boasts of a surprising convergence of diverse natural and cultural resources – resources that make the landscape unique and special. The South Mountain Partnership identifies four “Landscape Resources” as central to this region’s unique essence: read more here.

The South Mountain Partnership works best as a network of people and organizations working toward common goals.

Our closest Partners have developed a regional vision and a work plan that presents strategies for building it. All Partners and stakeholders of the region are invited to help. Read our ways to Get Involved.