Photo by Noah Shatzer

Mount Holly Marsh Preserve

Welcome to the Mount Holly Marsh Preserve, a 900 acre natural area along the rocky slopes of South Mountain. The preserve contains 200 acres of marshland and 700 acres of upland forest. Popular activities at the preserve include 7 miles of hiking trails, fishing on Mountain Creek and hunting in the upland areas.

Not far from the Geocache site was the location of the Mt. Holly Park, a once popular summer resort. Constructed in the in the early 20th century by the Carlisle and Mt. Holly Railway, the park encompassed much of the Mt. Holly Gap and extended into the preserve where a dam on Mountain Creek had created a lake. The railway company transported visitors to the park on a trolley route known as the “Trolley to Holly”. The park hosted activities including boating, hiking, ball fields, concerts, dances, bowling, and even a roller coaster!

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