Photo by Noah Shatzer

Cashtown Inn

To an unwary observer who stood in front of Cashtown Inn on June 29, 1863 – just days before the Civil War’s biggest battle – it must have looked as if the whole Rebel army had emerged from the rough, forested ridgeline when Lt. Gen. A.P. Hill’s Third Corps suddenly swung into view. Their crimson banners swayed with the liquid motion of marching soldiers, who were dressed in ragged butternut and gray.

A gentle breeze carried with it the noise of rattling mess tins, the clanking of swords and bayonets. To Cashtown Innkeeper Jacob Mickley, who witnessed the spectacle, it appeared as if “the entire force under (Confederate General Robert E.) Lee…passed within twenty feet of my barroom.” Today, the Cashtown Inn – like it did back in 1814 – serves “for the entertainment of strangers and travelers,” with its relaxing bed and breakfast and fine dining restaurant and tavern.

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