Photo by Noah Shatzer

Allenberry Resort Inn and Playhouse

The existing property, fifty-seven acres known as “Allenberry-on-the-Yellow Breeches,” owned and operated by the Heinze family since 1944 is part of two tracts of land originally owned by James Crockett and his heirs. Since that time, five other families have been the principal owners of the property. This fact is indicated on the outside wall of Fairfield Hall where the eight windows are inscribed.

This truly beautiful piece of property bordering the trout-filled Yellow Breeches has provided a home and livelihood for six families over the past two hundred years. The Fairfield and Allenberry tracts were developed into prosperous working farms from 1786 until 1929. Thereafter the land now known as Allenberry-on-the Yellow Breeches was developed as a private estate, later becoming the site of a family business dedicated to providing recreation, relaxation and respite to all those who appreciate the rural tranquility of the Cumberland Valley.

The Yellow Breeches Creek has developed a national reputation for professional Fly Fishing on this historical trout stream.

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