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The Partnership’s Vision

The South Mountain Partnership envisions a future of — a landscape of conserved resources and vibrant communities sharing a common sense of place and collaborating on well-planned growth and sustainable economic development.


The Partnership’s Mission

Conserving Landscape Resources to enrich the quality of life and sense of place of the South Mountain region’s citizens and communities.

The Partnership identifies three primary goals:

Conservation of Landscape Resources - conserving and stewarding the natural, cultural, recreational, and agricultural resources that makes the South Mountain landscape unique.

Promotion of Landscape Resources - elevating public awareness of the natural, cultural, recreational, and agricultural resources.

Connections Across the Landscape - creating a community of collaboration amongst a critical mass of public agencies, non-profit and community organizations, businesses, and citizens.

The Fermata Report

In 2008, when the South Mountain Conservation Landscape was still in its early stages and striving to coalesce around common ground in the interest of conserving the region, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources engaged Fermata, Inc. to assess what opportunities and challenges existed within the South Mountain landscape. This work culminated in a report released in December of 2009: the South Mountain Conservation Landscape Initiative Strategic Plan, which was instrumental in shaping the strategic vision of the Partnership.

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