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Communications Committee

Carolyn Seibert-Drager (Chair), Janet Pollard, Jay Eury, Anne Walko, John Canon

Facilitates improved communications that foster awareness and development of our goals, mission, strategies, and programs through print and electronic media, upholding and refining standards for the SMP brand, publicizing programs and initiatives, overseeing website content, and maximizing the use of resources for media and public relations.


Organizational Development Committee

Stephanie Williams (Chair), Sarah Kipp, Susan Richards, Dennis Shaffer, George Pomeroy, Bryan Van Sweden, Gail Witwer, Jen Brehm

Evaluates and monitors internal operations, workflow and membership activities.


Program Committee

Elizabeth Grant (Co-Chair), Harlen Lawson (Co-Chair), Roy Brubaker, Mike Eschenmann, Claire Jantz, Gwen Loose, Patricia Nitterhouse, Rob Thaeler, Julia Chain, Ken Pledger

Develops, prioritizes, implements and evaluates partnership programs for consistency with our organizational mission and goals. The committee will focus on a thematic priority under the guidance of the Leadership Committee.