Committee Resources

Committee Resources


Regional Vision & Work Plan

Roles & Responsibilities of Leadership Committee + Subcommittees 

2018-2021 Strategic Action Plan for South Mountain Partnership



Workgroup #1: Create & Launch Subcommittees (Goal 2: Action #1)

Current Members: Mike Eschenmann, Sarah Kipp, and Gail Witwer

  • Help each core subcommittee (Communications, Organizational Development, and Program) to establish with 8-10 total members each
  • Ensure that the geography of the region is reflected in each subcommittee to the best extent possible; the Communications Subcommittee must have a subcommittee that reflects geography
  • Assisting each subcommittee in the logistics of setup, to include but not limited to: clearly communicating for what each subcommittee is responsible (mission), what is asked from each individual (Roles and Responsibilities document), meeting schedule


Workgroup #2: MOUs (Goal 2:Action #3 and Goal 5: Action #2)

Current Members: Gwen Loose, Janet Pollard, George Pomeroy, Anne Walko, Stephanie Williams, Bryan Van Sweden

  • Explore MOUs with Adams, Cumberland, Franklin, and York counties. In late spring 2019, facilitate meetings with counties in order to align with the Fall 2020 budget cycle, in case money is part of the MOU. If money is part of the relationship, how does that money navigate the ATC system or should it be directed for holding with a local Partner?
  • Explore contractual agreements with strategically important partners to specify roles and responsibilities, contractual relations, and what is exchanged
  • Improve the Partnership Support Letter, refining what it means to be a “partner”
  • Set a goal to increase the number of partners by a certain date, develop and help to implement a strategy to achieve the goal


Workgroup #3: Determine focus area (Goal 3: #1)

Current members: Elizabeth Grant, Peter Hoagland, Claire Jantz, Patricia Nitterhouse, Jeanne Ortiz, Dennis Shaffer, Rob Thaeler

  • Recommends that SMP should focus on water quality over the next few years because it touches all landscape resource types and is a “gateway issue” into supporting conservation.
  • Share rational with and generate support from the Leadership Committee
  • Work to ensure that the focus area informs subcommittee activities by developing guidelines and criteria for the theme to show through the Mini-Grant and Speakers Series programs and other SMP activities
  • Determine how SMP can help counties to implement the DEP Watershed Implementation programs
  • Help to establish the learning landscape program in Michaux State Forest
  • Map region based on water quality criteria (need? Importance?)




Communications Committee

Shireen Farr, Jeanne Ortiz, Janet Pollard, Anne Walko

Plan to Setup 


Organizational Development Committee

Sarah Kipp, Susan Richards, Dennis Shaffer, George Pomeroy, Bryan Van Sweden, Stephanie Williams, Gail Witwer

Plan to Setup


Program Committee

Roy Brubaker, Mike Eschenmann, Elizabeth Grant, Peter Hoagland, Claire Jantz, Gwen Loose, Patricia Nitterhouse, Rob Thaeler

Plan to Setup