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How We Work

The South Mountain Partnership emerged in south-central Pennsylvania out of a growing body of collaborative work – our partner organizations are advancing important work in many different directions throughout this region. As such, the Partnership has a unique role to play as a connector within the South Mountain landscape. Specifically, we operate deliberately and strategically in four capacities:

As a Facilitator – the Partnership strives to create connections, convene conversations, and open arenas for dialogue on the range of topics relevant to our mission and goals.

As an Integrator – the Partnership serves to break down silos and to bridge connections and conversations across geo-political and sectorial boundaries.

As an Interpreter – the Partnership serves to engage partners and the public on the significance of the landscape’s resources, and the interconnectedness and interdependency of these resources.

As a Catalyst – the Partnership serves to translate conversation into action by supporting partner projects and identifying strategic opportunities to initiate and advance specific projects.


The South Mountain Partnership brings people together across geo-political and sectorial boundaries to highlight the importance of our landscape and take action to secure its future.

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