One million people, and One Future.

The South Mountain Partnership brings people together across geopolitical and sectoral boundaries to highlight the importance of our landscape and take action to secure its future.

A Pennsylvania Conservation Landscape -- we are a broad coalition of partners collaborating to conserve Landscape Resources to enrich the quality of life and sense of place of the South Mountain region’s citizens and communities.

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November 13
Fall Meeting Recap and Next Steps: A Focus on Water Resources
By Carolyn Seibert-Drager, Co-Chair of the South Mountain Partnership Communications Subcommittee Reflecting the South Mountain Partnership’s (SMP) primary focus over the next...

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November 9
Press Release: South Mountain Partnership Announces Three Water Related Workshops
BOILING SPRINGS, PA (November 12, 2019) - The South Mountain Partnership network is coming together to host a series of water-related...

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October 29
Press Release: South Mountain Partnership Seeks Award Nominations
The South Mountain Partnership is asking the public to submit nominations for the 8th Spirit of South Mountain award. The public is encouraged to nominate individuals, projects, or organizations that have...

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Tri-County Watershed Association Meeting
South Mountain Water Workshop
POWR Regional Water Workshop
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  • This is Where I Live Read Essay

    Have you ever eaten a handful of blueberries so fresh that they’re still warm from the sun?

  • This is Where I Live Read Essay

    Replacing the noise of our built environment with the sounds of nature – the birds, the wind in the trees, the rustling of leaves underfoot, the gurgling of a mountain stream, and everything else…

  • This is Where I Live Read Essay

    Cultivated land broken by fingers of woodland reaching along creek beds, linear fruit-tree rows leading to forest-covered hilltops — it’s stunningly picturesque.

  • This is Where I Live Read Essay

    Changing hues, blazing colors and vivid sunsets making each and every moment a new experience

  • This is Where I Live Read Essay

    Watching lightning bugs lift out of the corn fields at dusk with a friend is at the top of my favorite things list.