-Spring/Fall Partnership Meetings

On September 27, more than 60 attendees from across the South Mountain region gathered at Kings Gap State Park to learn about:

  • A Climate Change Pilot Program in the South Mountain landscape being completed by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and others
  • Lessons-learned and next steps for South Mountain Partnership since recently completing the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan
  • The new park manager at Caledonia State Park
  • And news and upcoming events from our various partners

About the meeting: Twice annually (Spring and Fall), the Partnership holds a Partnership-wide meeting in which all partners and interested parties are invited to come together and build relationships and collaborations. These meetings are a chance to:

  • Connect or reconnect with the Partnership, learning more about the initiative and on-going projects;
  • Build and strengthen a network amongst organizations working throughout the region;
  • Spark conversation and collaboration across political and sectorial boundaries;
  • Help partners understand opportunities to engage in the on-going work of the Partnership;
    and allow partners to help define the direction of the Partnership.

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